HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT (SCOTLAND) LIMITED (HMG) successfully completed negotiations with the Scottish Ministers to enter into contract to Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) the Stepps to Haggs section of the M80 motorway in January 2009.  The DBFO contract involves construction and operation of 18km of dual two/three lane motorway with associated slip roads and infrastructure from Stepps in North Lanarkshire to Haggs in Falkirk.


Key Contractors

 During the Transport Scotland procurement competition to win the DBFO Contract, HMG engaged a New Works Contractor and a routine Operations and Maintenance Works Contractor to carry out the construction and operation of the M80 from Stepps to Haggs.

 The New Works Contractor is Bilfinger Berger UK Limited, Northstone (NI) Limited and John Graham (Dromore) Limited trading jointly and severally together as HMC.

 The routine Operations & Maintenance Works Contractor is BEAR (Scotland) Limited.

 HMG is currently owned by HMG (Scotland) Holdings Limited, which itself is owned by Bilfinger Berger Project Investments Ltd and InfraRed Capital Partners Ltd.

HMG have appointed HMC as the New Works Contractor to construct the 8 km of new carriageway and 10 km on-line carriageway.  HMC were also responsible for the Restricted Services operation and maintenance of the 10km of on-line carriageway during the construction period. 

 HMG have also appointed BEAR (Scotland) Limited (BEAR) to undertake the operation and routine maintenance of the project road subsequent to completion of the phased construction of the works.  BEAR were also responsible for the Restricted Services operation and maintenance of the existing A80 trunk road during the construction period.  HMG do not undertake construction or maintenance work directly and employ others to do this on their behalf.  


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